Buying Time #2:
The Impact of Transacting
on Cost Per Second

Time-based advertising represents a shift to metrics that better reflect attention. Come hear experts discuss how this impacts all areas of media.

Wednesday, May 25th
9:00am - 1:00 pm
AppNexus NYC
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Metrics in digital media are shifting from exposure to attention.

Parsec has partnered with AppNexus, Moat, and The Financial Times to host a discussion on the impact of that change from the perspectives of brands, agencies, and publishers. Join us and learn why cost per second is the new gold standard for brand advertising.

Featured Panelists:

Jonah Goodhart
CEO, Moat
Lindsay Nelson
Global Head of Brand Strategy, Vox Media
Joe Marchese
President, Advanced Advertising, Fox
Matt Seiler
Former Chairman, IPG Mediabrands
Bruce Kiernan
Practice Lead, Performance Marketing, MEC North America
Daniel Rothman
Director of Insight, Financial Times
Adam Shlachter
President, VM1
Joe Purzycki
Head of Partnerships, Medium
Jason Kint
CEO, Digital Content Next
Jay Pinho
Technical Account Manager, Moat
Michael Maag
Director of Product Management, AppNexus
Perry Papadopoulos
VP Production and Engineering, Parsec
Marc Guldimann
CEO, Parsec

Event Schedule:

9:00Coffee & Registration
9:30Keynote -Jonah Goodhart from Moat shares his views on the importance of attention.
9:50Publisher Panel -Jason Kint leads a panel of publishers, with Joe Purzycki and Lindsay Nelson, talking about their experience with time-based ads.
10:30How CPS Works -Perry Papadopoulos from Parsec, Jay Pinho from Moat, and Michael Maag from AppNexus show how a time-based campaign happens.
11:00Agency Panel -Joe Marchese leads a panel with Bruce Kiernan from MEC, Matt Seiler from IPG, and Adam Shlachter from VM1 to discuss how time-based metrics impact the buy-side.
11:45Research -Daniel Rothman from FT, discusses their success selling on Cost Per Hour.
12:00What's Next -Marc Guldimann from Parsec talks about the future of Time-Based Advertising.
12:30Lunch & Networking
Space is limited. Please RSVP
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