Benefits of Parsec's Time-based Advertising

Less Risk

Media buys that use time spent as a pricing metric are more predictable and less risky because time spent is more closely correlated to attention than conventional metrics.

Consumer Choice

Consumers expect to control how long they engage with digital content, advertising that respects that same principal is much more effective.

100% Share of Voice

Parsec uses high impact ad formats that capture the full attention of the reader while in view.

Parsec's Network of Premium Publishers

Parsec media is sourced directly from our network of premium publishers with site-level reporting transparency. Our media specialists will work with you to select the perfect site list for your campaign. Additionally, Parsec can leverage first and third party data, or any other cookie-based audience data, to find your perfect audience.

includes these great properties and many more:

Brand Case Studies

BMW 7 Series
Parsec worked with UM and BMW to produce creative that featured a 3D car rotator, expandable hotspots and embedded video content. Interaction rates were 3x over benchmarks and research saw double digit lift in purchase intent for consumers who chose to spend more than 4 seconds with the creative.
See demo here
San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau
Parsec worked with Proof Advertising to create a rich media campaign that featured an scroll-based creative encouraging consumers to create unforgettable memories in San Antonio. Almost 17% of the audience reached chose to spend more than 7 seconds with the creative, and media optimization increased time spent metrics by 26% over the course of the campaign.
See demo here

Parsec is Delivered in a Mobile Inline Format

Politely Interruptive

Ads have to interrupt content in order to be effective, but interruptions can still be polite. The Sled format achieves this by giving the consumer control over the duration of the advertising experience.
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Behaviorally Native

Like TV, print and social ads, Sleds are consumed using the same behavior as the content they monetize. This makes for a pleasant experience and smooth transfer of attention between the content, ad and back.

How Cost Per Second Works

Parsec is partnered with MRC accredited to measure time spent.

Time spent is only counted for impressions that reach the MRC threshold for viewability.
Time cap
Time spent ends after the ad exits the screen or at 15 seconds, whichever comes first.
There’s no charge for time spent in excess of 15 seconds per impression.

What Clients are Saying

Buying on engagement is the future of mobile media. It by default removes all of the inherent risk of buying on a CPM since you are only paying for those consumers who choose to engage. Through media buying expertise, Parsec has built a simplistic model that drives the high performance our clients demand.
Benjamin Bring,VP, Media Director
The power of Parsec’s platform is consistency and simplicity — we pay for the amount of time that people choose to spend with our brands and that’s it.
Tim Mosback,VP, Partner, Universal McCann
Parsec has taken everything we thought we knew about mobile and has rewritten the status quo. Their solution is as important to our business as is it to the industry and the audiences that we ultimately serve.
Derek Lu,Associate Director


"It's an entirely new dimension in the media buying space."
July 22, 2015 |by Will Burns
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"A CPM's reach is theoretical, time-based engagement demonstrates quantified impact."
July 22, 2015 |by Allison Schiff
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"Cost-per-impression ad pricing is so yesterday."
September 21, 2015 |by Barry Levine
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"A metric that directly represents the underlying asset of attention is the Holy Grail."
February 8, 2016 |by Seb Joseph
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Our Team

We’re industry vets, data scientists, and CS nerds. And we love making great ads.

  • Marc Guldimann is Parsec's CEO. He lived in San Francisco for 10 years before returning home to the east coast and settling in Brooklyn.

    previous experience:

    CEO @ Spongecell and Enliken

    Social Decision Science @ CMU

    marc guldimann

    chief executive officer

  • Diane is the Chief Operating Officer. She loves digital media challenges, going to the theatre and a good bottle of zinfandel.

    previous experience:

    Google, Yahoo!, Excite, 5+ start-ups

    Politics @ Princeton & LSE

    Diane deCordova

    chief operating officer

  • Pericles is VP of Production and Engineering. He enjoys Jazz Fest, fried seafood, and contrary to popular belief, is actually Greek.

    previous experience:

    Developer, Consultant, Artist

    Engineering & Fine Arts @ Rice

    pericles papadopoulos

    vp production & engineering

  • Zach is VP of Sales & Partnerships. Born and bred in New York City, his happy place is at the top of a mountain with skis on.

    previous experience:

    Onswipe & GroupM

    History @ Hamilton College

    zach kubin

    vp sales & partnerships

  • Luke is Parsec's Director of Engineering and resident big data expert. Hailing from Connecticut, he loves simplifying complex systems.

    previous experience:

    Web Developer @ GigMasters

    Application Analyst @ COCC

    luke pietrzak

    Director of Engineering

  • Liz is Parsec’s Visual Designer. She aspires to be the first weightlifting athlete sponsored by Chipotle.

    previous experience:

    Marketing Designer, Photographer

    Graphic Design @ SHU

    Liz Mastrocola

    Visual Designer

  • Dan is a Creative Director. He's lived in NYC for a long time. He likes big ideas, beautiful design, considerate UX, and gefilte fish.

    previous experience:

    Big Spaceship

    Luxurious Animals

    Dan Federman

    Creative Director

  • Emily is our VP of East Coast Sales. She lived in Indonesia and her happiest place on earth is Bali.

    previous experience:

    Twelvefold, Martha Stewart Living

    College of the Holy Cross

    Emily Chard

    VP of East Coast Sales

  • Patrick is a Sales Director. He enjoys whiskey, cigars, sports and chicken parm.

    previous experience:

    Turn, Inc. and Horizon Media

    Ancient Military History @ KU

    Patrick R. Fenn

    Sales Director

  • Meg is a Midwest Sales Director. When she isn’t touting PARSEC, she’s most likely settling in with a good book & a glass of red.

    previous experience:

    Starcom, NBC Universal

    Tremor Video

    Meg ochs

    Sales Director

  • Karl is the Head of Sales Management at Parsec. Originally from Norway, but raised in Saudi Arabia, he now calls Brooklyn his home.

    previous experience:

    MongoDB, Ezakus Pretargeting

    International Relations @ Penn

    Karl Sjulsen

    Head of Client Services

  • Madison West, originally from Houston, TX, is an Sales Manager at Parsec. She plays cello and drums. Simultaneously.

    previous experience:

    Sales, Penguin Random House

    Teaching, University of Houston

    Madison West

    Account Manager

  • Erin is an Sales Manager at Parsec. Originally from Seattle, she recently moved to NYC from SF and loves eating her way through the Big Apple!

    previous experience:

    Campaign Specialist @ Pandora

    Psychology @ Santa Clara University

    Erin Corr

    Account Manager

  • Theo is an Account Executive at Parsec. When not building marketing solutions you can find her with a glass of Malbec or channeling her inner Bey.

    previous experience:

    Havas Media, MKTG, Initiative

    Sports Management @ NYU

    Theo Berenson

    Account Executive

  • Lauren is Parsec’s Head of Staff. She prides herself in her ability to build a bomb playlist and to quote the entirety of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

    previous experience:

    Corp. Comms. & Product, Initiative

    New York University

    Lauren Schroeder

    Head of Staff

  • Victoria is a native New Yorker. She loves nerdy things, literary things, and ice cream.

    previous experience:

    IT Training Coordinator

    Wellesley College

    Victoria Donnelly

    Lead Front End Developer

  • Robert is a Full Stack Developer who strives for intuitive solutions. He loves competitive table tennis and the New York Mets.

    previous experience:

    App Academy

    Chemistry @ NYU

    Robert Romano

    full stack developer

  • John grew up on a farm in rural Virginia. He is a dog person and a cat person but wary of horses.

    previous experience:

    Fullstack Academy

    Econ @ UPenn

    John Humiston

    Full Stack Developer

  • Erik is Parsec’s Head of Data Science. He co-authored Neural Data Science, a book about brains and data.

    previous experience:

    Fellow @ Insight Data Science

    PhD @ NYU Neural Science

    Erik Nylen

    Head of Data Science

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