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The first marketplace that guarantees consumer attention. Using our politely interruptive format and simple metric:
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Parsec improves every aspect of mobile advertising.

Advertising isn't zero sum — we guarantee value to advertisers while aligning with publishers and consumers to create ads people like.

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Pay only for ads that work.

Advertisers only pay for time that consumers choose to spend with their message. 100% viewable and 100% human. We guarantee it.

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On the sites you trust.

Top tier publishers with names you know and trust. 100% Transparent, down to the second. No open exchange, long tail or UGC content.

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Limitless creative.

The Parsec Ad format supports HTML5 and Javascript. Use our templates, leverage ads you've built elsewhere, or send us your best designs.

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Proven results.

Time-spent has been proven to impact brand metrics like Brand Lift, Engagement, Click-Through Rate, and Conversion Attribution.

cps explained

Pay only for ads that work.

Cost Per Second means you only pay for the amount of attention that consumers choose to spend with your message.

Timer start

The timer starts at once the ad reaches a viewability threshold. We support MRC and custom measurements.

The time starts once the ad reaches MRC viewablity.

Timer cap

We stop counting when the ad isn't viewable any longer.

We stop counting at 15 seconds.

Earned media

The timer also stops after 15 seconds, after that all time is earned media.

You earn media when the timer stops after 15 seconds.

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parsec media

Only sites you trust.

Transparent, virtually unlimited reach across 300+ high-profile mobile sites. Parsec secures all inventory directly from publishers and is integrated with most 1st or 3rd party data, attribution and verification partners.

our format

Limitless creative freedom.

With dozens of features, including 360º video, 3D spins, shoppable product carousels, multiple CTAs, tilt engagements, and a unique Storyteller format, the creative possibilities are endless. Our in-house creative team is here to help every step of the way.

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our results

Time matters.

Research conducted by Parsec and independent 3rd parties has proven consideration, awareness, and recall all increase with time-spent.

Brand Lift Over Time-Spent

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our data

Parsec data impacts creative, media, and audiences.

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Optimize Creative

Compare the performance of creatives and iterate towards ads that people actually like.

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Build Audiences

Time-spent data is 1st party quality at 3rd party scale. It's been proven to increase efficiency by over 20%.

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Sequence Meaningfully

Personalize messages based on how much attention people have paid to previous exposures.

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Enrich External Data

All audience data is free to use and easily ported to your other buying platforms.

case studies

Real-world results from our time-based campaigns.


Lift in purchase intent

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Lift in brand consideration

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Video completion rate

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Engagement rate

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Smart people like these agree

Buying on engagement is the future of mobile media.

It by default removes all of the inherent risk of buying on a CPM since you are only paying for those consumers who choose to engage. Through media buying expertise, Parsec has built a simplistic model that drives the high performance our clients demand.

Benjamin Bring

VP, Media Director


The power of Parsec’s platform is consistency and simplicity .

We pay for the amount of time that people choose to spend with our brands and that’s it.

Tim Mosback

VP, Partner


We’ve been working with Parsec since late 2015, collaborating on over 25 campaigns together.

Cost Per Second is an incredibly efficient way to purchase media, it aligns the entire media supply chain around capturing authentic consumer attention. We look forward to partnering with Parsec as they bring attention metrics to new mediums.

Brooke Reno

Managing Director

The Media Kitchen

The team at Parsec have been exceptional partners for a number brands we work with at Proof.

With Cost Per Second we know that our media dollars are working to capture the right attention, something extremely important when today’s viewable standards are 50% of ad visibility for one second. The Parsec team is committed to a higher form of partnership, enabling us to rethink a media industry slow to evolve and helping my clients understand the considerable value of time spent with their brand and of what more we gain with a time-based approach.

Ly Tran

Chief Media Officer


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Parsec in the news.

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"Why cost-per-second ad pricing creates an economic incentive."

December 18, 2017

by Danielle Gibson

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"Cost Per Second takes viewability to the next level."

March 7, 2017

by Lindsay Rowntree

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"It’s an entirely new dimension in the media buying space. Better yet, advertisers only pay for the time that consumers are engaging actively with their brands".

July 22, 2015

by Will Burns

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"A metric that directly represents the underlying asset of attention is the Holy Grail."

February 8, 2016

by Seb Joseph

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"Cost-per-impression ad pricing is so yesterday."

September 21, 2015

by Barry Levine

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"That’s not something that’s going to work for ad blocking at scale because it’s a game of cat and mouse,” said Marc Guldimann, CEO and founder of mobile ad company Sled."

August 28, 2015

by Allison Schiff


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